This is to help users, owners and prospects learn more about Humminbird Side Imaging. Humminbird
brought Side Scan sonar to the recreational fishing industry in 2004 and has become the industry leader
in the technology over the last 5 years. Humminbird Side Imaging is being used from beginners to the
top BASS and FLW Pros and everyone in-between. It's the only sonar to positively identify underwater
structure, fish and any other point of interest. Law Enforcement agencies are using it for Search and
Rescue, Homeland Security and for crime solving. Join us as we have a fun contest to help you become
a better user and learn why it is the hottest technology.

This is not a contest. I am only offering help to understand the Wonderful World of Humminbird Side
Imaging. Please submit your guess to Correct answers will go into a pool and a
name will be drawn for a gift. All other guesses will be included in another pool and a name will be drawn
for another gift. Only good for residents of the USA. This offer is not affiliated in any way, shape or form
with Humminbird or Parent Company Johnson Outdoors. This is for fun only - no cash value for gifts. No
exchange of gifts either.
Image of the Month: Starting Again in 2010 - SI Game has been suspended until January
What is happening in this image? This image was captured by
the Humminbird 797c2 while using it on the trolling motor. You can
click on the Image to enlarge to see the details better. The big
benefit is we are seeing 80 foot of coverage versus a standard
single beam 2D sonar coverage would be approximately 2 foot. 78
additional foot of coverage and positive structure ID. Make a guess
and you could win - Correct of Incorrect two chances to win

This segment will close at Midnight, Central Time
October 31,
. The exact description will be posted after that date and a
new Image will be added. Winners will be announced on November
11, 2009

1 Winner from Correct Guess Pool: Humminbird T-Shirt size X-Large

1 Winner from All Guesses Pool: Humminbird Hat
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August Image of the Month:
This image shows a group of baitfish getting eaten by Hybrid Bass (Cross
Striped & White Bass). They were suspended in trees to the right of a
creek channel you can see the shadow in the middle of the image that
shows a drop off into the channel. You can tell that the bottom to the right
of the trees is soft or mud bottom and harder bottom to the left of the
trees near the creek channel. The channel maps a bend and the left side
is rock.

Correct Guess Winner: Warren Bryant - Clanton, Alabama

All Guess Winner: Chris von Allmen - Lake Villa, Illinois

Winner to be drawn LIVE on Wednesday Sept 9, 2009 on Hooked on
Fishing Live Show. Between 7PM and 8PM Central Time.
September Image of the Month:
This image shows a sunken boat in the zoom box. There is a boat ramp
in the lower left-hand side of the image. You can see the boat ramp
concrete is broken up and separating on the bottom. The black or dark
area on the left side is the area of the bank out of the water. You can
clearly see the shore and everything from very shallow (inches of water
out to the deeper water on the right side. There is mainly all rock on the
left side by the brighter or white colored returns and the right side is
dominated by softer bottom like mud or silt (darker colors). There are
scattered brush and a larger hard (rock or concrete) triangular object
that rises from the bottom see the shadow on the right side accross from
the boat ramp. Any of these items location can be easily saved by using
the 4-Way cursor and marking the location by placing the cross hairs and
saving by hitting the menu button and the GPS location will be saved.

Correct Guess Winner: Peter Betz

All Guess Winner: Ron Kerns - Lake Oswego, Oregon

Winner to be drawn LIVE on Wednesday October 7, 2009 on Hooked on
Fishing Live Show. Between 7PM and 8PM Central Time.
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October Image of the Month:
This image shows a Sunken Barge on the East Bank of the KenLake
Marina on Kentucky Lake. It is near the Murray State Dock. It rises very
close to the surface and could easily hit your trolling motor at the right
water level. I was focused on fishing and reading my electronics when I
seen this image being created by my Humminbird 797c2. When I looked
down you could see the barge below the boat and the trolling motor
narrowly crossing over the top. I had to raise the big motor to clear.

You can see the area is loaded with rubble. Lots of strong returns telling
me the material is very hard, concrete, metal or wood. There is a nice pile
of rubble on the bottom left corner of the image. But there is two
depression on the upper right hand image. This would be an excellent
spot for an ambush spot for shallow water fish will all the cover.

Correct Guess Winner: Avery Faile - Killen, Alabama

All Guess Winner: John Serbaniewicz  - Newark Valley, New York

Winner to be drawn LIVE on Wednesday November 11, 2009 on Hooked
on Fishing Live Show. Between 7PM and 8PM Central Time.
Due to the up coming Holiday Season and busy Promotion Schedule the SI Guessing Game has been
suspended until January 2010. We will be back soon and hopefully we can start with Humminbird
Down Imaging Images and more Side Imaging Images. We will throw in some 2D images to so you can
learn your total system for 2010.

Humminbird has some exciting products for 2010. Be sure to check them out and add them to your
Christmas List! Hope everyone gets a new Humminbird Side Imaging Unit under the Christmas Tree.

New for 2010: Humminbird 858c and 898c (7" Screen), Humminbird 998c (8" Screen with Faster
Processor), Down Imaging with FREE Software Upgrade. Be sure to register and download Software
Version 4.700 to get Switchfire 2D Sonar, Faster GPS Refresh Rate and More!
Switchfire: Max Mode
HB Down Imaging