Seminar Speaking:
I am willing to "spill my guts" and provide the secrets and knowledge to help get others involved in this sport or
advance their skills.

Topics Available:
* Electonics and the use in Fishing. I have studied and learned alot about Fishing electronics. This presentation
includes the History and Basics of Sonar all the way to advanced uses of the most advanced products today:
Humminbird Side Imaging Sonar. Seminar can be expanded with several add-on segments: GPS uses in todays
fishing, Vertical Fishing with Down Looking Sonar, The In's and Out's of Side Imaging Sonar. I am very
kowledgible in Electronics and Especially Side Imaging Sonar and have many qualifications as a knowledge source.
I have logged thousands of Side Imaging On-the-Water Demos, I am the founder of the Yahoo Side Imaging
group with over 2500 Members and am actively involved on several message boards helping and educating
owners on sonar uses. I have trained everyone from beginning anglers to tour level Pros.

Bass Fishing Techniques. I consider myself a Shallow Water Power Fishing Expert. I have developed shallow
water techniques that have provided me with success all across the country. I love to throw Square Billed
Crankbaits. This technique played a major reason in my Top 10 at the 2008 FLW Stren Series Championship. I
understand how these baits work and how to make fish react and bite. A technique that can make the difference in
success on the water. I am also well rounded in all aspects of fishing and bring a creative and different view and
set of ideas to educated the audience.

Safe Boating and Boat Ramp Etiquette. As our waterways get crowded the patience level of boaters become
short. I have ways to make it safer and fun for everyone on the water. From Launching at the Boat Ramp to
on-the-water courtesy. It's an often untouched topic but will help make it better for all to enjoy the fun that can
be found on the water.

Other Topics and Seminars Available. Please feel free to contact me on any topic and schedule availability.
Professional Bass Angler
Humminbird Sonar Guru
Higginsville, Missouri