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A lifelong resident of Higginsville, Missouri.
A small town in West Central Missouri. I grew
up learning to fish on the many farm ponds
around the area. After attending Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg,
Missouri I returned to the family Farm Equipment dealership.
As a kid I always enjoyed fishing. I would ride my bike to local lakes to fish. I would
bring home a 5 gallon bucket of Crappie and Blue Gills for my Dad to clean after he
got off work. He always took the time to help me. We spent many of the summer
days in our jon boat fishing the numerous farm ponds and watershed
impoundments around Higginsville. This is were I learned my love for bass fishing.
Always trying to do something different to catch fish when times were tough I have
known to throwout into the middle of the lake to come back with the biggest fish of
the day. I appreciate my Dad for taking the time to teaching me everything he knew
about fishing.
My Brother got me involved in fishing reservoirs,. We did very well for just a couple
of rookies. I fished my first bass tournament in 1993 and have progressed forward
through the buudt circuits and now am fishing B.A.S.S. and FLW Events. I
appreciate his help in getting me started. Thanks Greg!
In 2005, I started fishing the FLW Outdoors Everstart Series and in the fall fishing
the B.A.S.S. Central Opens. I have qualified to fish the BASS Tour, made the FLW
Stren Series Championship and My first FLW Stren Series Championship Top 10. I
appreciate everyone who has helped me along the way. Taking the time to
teaching me the ins and outs of bass fishing. To you, I owe lots of credit to my

Doug Vahrenberg
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