Skeeter Boats - The Orginator of the Bass Boat back in 1948 and my boat of
choice since 1997. I truly love the wide open spacious decks and the super, dry
ride they provide me. This is the best fishing platform I have found to perform
my job. Please Take a look at them when you consider your next boat.

YAMAHA Outboard Motors - The most reliable engine I have found to propel my
boat. Insist on the leader in outboard technology when you get your next

MINNKOTA Trolling Motors - The strongest, most reliable trolling motor on the
water. MinnKota is the leader in electronic motors. With the best warranty and
product to fit your fishing style. Go with the leader go with MinnKota!

HUMMINBIRD Electronics - The most awesome electronics I have ever used.
Simple to operate, easy to read, and finds fish fast. Humminbird  is my
electronics by choice! Come visit the
Yahoo Side Imaging Group. Check out the
videos at

LakeMaster Maps: What good is a map that is incomplete, inaccurate or missing
details??? You invest in the best electronics you need to invest in the best
mapping with advanced features that let you customize your map to todays
fishing condition like Water Level Offset...Lake is below normal pool just adjust
your LakeMaster to the current level. Check out LakeMaster on-land Products
that make pre-trip planning easier like Contour Elite.

Lucky Craft - My first choice for high quality, high performing lures. Lucky Craft
is the brand more professional choose to catch more fish, especially those that
are picky. Check out all of Lucky Crafts great products! Check out the
LuckyCraft VideoClips on YouTube. Check out The Daily Crank - LC Blog.

Daiwa Reels - These are the best reels with fisherman friendly features to
allow you to cast farther, pitch smoother and the power to bring the biggest
trophy in. With a multitude of models to fit your fishing needs and budget.

Omega Custom Tackle - Omega Custom Tackle is the Choice of Serious
Fisherman all over the country. Check out Omega's extensive line-up of Jig and
the new Alpha Shad Buzzbait. Premium Tackle for Serious Anglers.

VAHRENBERG Implement - This is the family farm equipment dealership that my
grandfather started in 1952. It has provided me with the time and financial
resources to allow me to enjoy the sport I love. I still spend anytime I have
helping this business grow.

AGCO Farm Equipment - The most innovative Farm Equipment starts with AGCO
firsts. AGCO has the richest history of any farm equipment company. Check out
all the different brands and products they have to offer.

Dave's Custom Baits - A great friend and a great painter and repairer of
crankbaits. Dave gives me the competitive edge with custom painted baits.
Check out his site and let him custom paint or repair you damaged crankbaits.

Sunline - The most important link between you and your catch is the fishing line.
After many years of testing and experimenting I've found one that exceeds my
needs and expectations. Sunline is the only choice for me to satisfy that critical
link to catching memories or letting them swim free.

Transducer Shield and Saver- You invest in the best electronics for your boat.
Invest in protection to prevent accidental damage and destruction of your
transducer. Transducer Shield and Saver has the products to mount and to
protect your investment. Specializing in custom mounts and custom products to
make it easier to mount and improve the performance of your electonics. If you
don't see it listed give them a call or email. Transducer Shield and Saver your
best protection.

Dobyns Rods - What is one of the biggest tool in putting more fish in the boat?
It's your fishing rod and there is no better rod that is better balanced and
designed for improving the number of bites than Dobyns Rods. Gary Dobyns the
winningest angler on the West Coast brings his personally selected rods to the
market. Grab one today and start feeling what you've been missing.

Browning Eyewear and Acessories - My choice for Eye Protection on and off the
water. Check out Brownings Polarized Lens technology that block out 99% of
the harmful UV light and protect your eyes. Ask your local retailer for Browning
Eyewear the choice of serious Pros.

Elite Tungsten Co. - Not all Tungsten Weights are created equal. Elite Tungsten
has gone the extra mile to perfect the shape and manufacturing process of
Tungsten Weights so that you are assured of the best weight for perfect lure
presentation cast after cast plus the weight is manufactured to eliminate line
scaring and so silky smooth you'll never scratch the line and reduces line
damage. You have to try this superior tungsten weight.

Angler Innovations: The Home of the Rod Jacket. There are rod sleeves then
there is the Rod Jacket...The Ultimate in Rod and Reel Protection. You invest in
getting the best rods and reels with your hard earned dollar. Why sacrifice with
cheap plastic sleeves that actually harm the rod versus protecting it. The Rod
Jacket is a Neoprene Sleeve that covers the rod, the line and the reel to protect
every piece of your investment. Check them out and order your online direct
and start protecting your hard earned dollars. Watch for more exciting
products coming from Angler Innovations!
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