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FIRST to Bring Affordable, Patented Side Scan Technology to the Recreational Consumer Industry!
This is not a camera but the latest sonar technology.
The image to the right is from the 997c. This image was taken
on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. It shows the old Highway 13
Bridge that was flooded when the lake filled. It is located in
over 100 feet of water. I have used Side Imaging to locate
Structure from 2 foot to over 150. This technology will work
in both clear or dirty water it doesn't matter, it's sonar. This is
the same type sonar that was used to discover the Titanic. I am very
excited about this tool to help find structure that is often overlooked
in our fisheries. I have a NEW 1197SI and 797c2 on my boat and the
images are incredible. You have to see it to believe it. I was there
when this image was captured. If you are interested in Humminbird
Side Imaging graphs check out the
Side Imaging Group and learn
more about how Side Imaging can increase your success!
Side Imaging Sonar:
Custom Baits:
One of the secrets or tools that I have found to increase my
success on the lake is custom painted baits. It's not that the
manufacturers do not make the correct color, its more of my
confidence in a color. I also feel that custom painted baits are
an advantage on heavily pressured lakes, it allows you to
present a color combination the fish have not seen. When I
choose a custom painted bait I choose
Dave's Custom Baits.
David Ryan is a good friend of mine but also an accomplished angler that takes great pride in caring for
your baits just as if it was one of his own. Alot of people can paint baits but David has a great clear coat
that protects your custom painted bait for years to come. With an unlimited number of colors and styles
he can help you design the color combination to give you the confidence you need to land the big one.
Fishing requires a positive mental attitude and custom painted baits gives me that extra help I need to be
successful and feel confident that I am using the correct bait and color. Another added benefit is that
David can repair those special baits - like your precious old balsa wood baits. He can repair wood damage
to replacing bills. So if you want to improve your confidence and your fish catching ability give a custom
colored bait a try the next time you hit the water.
Not all bass live on the banks. That is why great electronics help many
of the top anglers locate bass living on structure. Structure may be a
hump, old roadbed, creek channel or even an old house foundation.
Bass love structure in the winter and summer. Some of the best fish I
have ever caught have been off structures. One of the main reasons
bass move to structure is for water comfort and the other reason is
due to bait. Fishing pressure has also forced bass to move off the bank.
If someone kept bothering you, you would probably move, too. When
the summer heats up, structure fishing heats up. This is when I turn to
the power of my
Humminbird Electronics. I prefer the big screens of
the 900 and 1100 Series Unit so I can customize the screen to get all the information I need to target these
fish. It also allows me to locate off-shore structure and then pinpoint the structure I've found. I also prefer
Humminbird Electronics because of the feature that allows me to customize a unit to fit your fishing style.
You can split screens to the amount of area you need for each side. Want more sonar and less GPS it can be
done. Plus Humminbird offers DualBeam Plus sonar which allows me to view transducers at once; 20
Degrees for High Detail and 60 Degree for added coverage area. For more information check out
Humminbird's website has some great tutorials on basic sonar usage.
Crankin' is one of my favorite techniques to catch bass. Often many novice anglers
do not understand the importance the fishing rod makes in catching bass and
crankin' this is one time a quality rod makes the difference. I prefer a good cranking
rods for 99% of my crankin' applications. These rods features a good backbone for
hook penetration yet a soft tip to allow the bait more action. I feel length is more
a personal preference but the action should be matched to the bait. The smaller the
crankbait the lighter the action. The number one rule in crankin' is to set the hook
after the fish has taken the bait. With the a good crankin' rod the bass generally
hook themselves and the bait requires very little hookset. This helps prevent pre-
mature releasing of the fish. The soft tip also improves landing percentage as it
allows the angler to play the fish and reduces the chances of the fish becomes unbuttoned do to hook
pull out. My preference is the
Dobyns Glass Champion Series Cranking Rods.
Structure Fishing:
Crank Baiting:
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I have been invited to be a contributing writer for Mid-America Outdoors Internet site and Magazine.
Please check out the following articles available on-line that I have published with 7/24. Also please visit
their site at for the latest information on fishing and hunting in the Mid America

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Electronics: The History and Basics of Sonar
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Topwater Tactics:
If you like ferocious strikes and heart pounding excitement then
topwater fishing is for you. And my favorites are the fine line of
topwater lures from
LuckyCraft. They have sizes and models to match
the hatch and match the conditions. The number one feature is the ease
of use.
LuckyCraft goes to great lengths to make their baits work
perfect straight from the package and any level of angler can use their
products with success. Just add Fish! And your on your way to many
great memories.

SplashTail and WakeTail A Prop Bait unlike no others. This bait has the
two spinning blades that freely rotate. And I mean Freely Rotate, they
keep spinning once the bait stops. The other big plus is the hooks are
positioned to prevent hang-ups if fishing standing timber a big plus on
Truman Lake. The picture to the left fell for a Splashtail one crisp Fall
day on Truman Lake. Try a Prop Bait when bass are missing or short
striking a buzzbait and especially right after the spawn.

G-Splash: Popping Baits can generate some of the most amazing strikes
from Bass. I really like the G-Splash bait as it's like getting two baits in
one, depending on the retrieve. Aggressive popping action creates
water flying action that really gets aggressive bass munching. Or use a
finesse approach and create mind blowing sounds that just drive bass
wild. It's a must for any tacklebox.

Gunfish: This is one of the hottest baits on the professional tour,
because of it's unique design. A wider walking-the-dog action with the
addition on water spittin' attraction. The slim size of this bait makes it
irresistible to even the most finicky bass.

Sammy: The Sammy. The easy to cast, easy to work, superior
walking-the-dog action of a topwater bait. This is a must have for your
tacklebox if you like topwater action. The Sammy is perfectly weighted
to make those long casts required in clear waters or to reach schooling
fish. It is so easy to get the bait to "walk" correctly. Pop the tip of the
rod and hang on.
LuckyCraft YouTube Video Clips - Click Here
There's More to a Boat than Looks:
Do you buy a car without driving it? Most do - some don't. Then why do
most buy a boat from the showroom without getting in seat and taking a
demo ride? All boats run straight and feel good running in calm waters.
But you really need to see how the boat performs:
1) Does it has the speed performance you want. Click Here for
Yamaha Performance Bulletins
2) Ease to drive at all speeds - Especially at Wide Open Throttle
3) Turning ability at all speed ranges, slow, mid-range and high speed (For Performance and Safety)
4) Dryness of ride off-plane, on-plane, mid-range speeds and Wide Open Throttle.
5) Fishability and Stability when off-plane. (Walk Around Decks)
6) Rough Water Performance - Dryness and Ride (May have to make some turns to simulate)
7) Holeshot - Fast and Slow take-off Planing. See how easy it is to get on plane.
8) Field of View - Can you safely see at various speed ranges and taking off.

Example of a good all around Demo Ride:
Skeeter Demo Ride Video

These items with your own criteria for performance and safety should be considered
when making your boat purchase. Not only should you look at performance attributes
but look at how the boat is constructed. Are they designed for strength, long-life,
safety and performance. Today's manufacturers are adding construction details in their sales literature
and websites. Look at the advanced engineering that Skeeter uses:
Click Here.
Today boat manufacturers has raised the bar in safety, performance                                                           
and reliability with the creation of the
NMMA Certification for boats.                                                            
These certification tests assure you are getting the safest boat
on the market. Look for the NMMA Certification Label on your
next boat.
As you can see you really need to look past the glitter and
sparkles of a new boat and find the boat that best fits your
ability for safe driving and performance. Look and learn how it is constructed and get in feel how it
performs on the water. Skeeter Boats offer many opportunities to get into the boat for professionally run
demo rides and takes you through a planned course showing you the abilities of the Skeeter Boat. Visit a
Local Skeeter Demo Event and see what sets them apart.
Most Important Tool...
electronics, boat, etc these are all important but one thing that can really make a huge difference is the
Fishing Rod you are using. One of the simplest tools we have is one that matters the most. We work hard
to locate the fish and choose the right bait but do we really understand the differences that the rod plays
in catching the fish.

A rod that is precisely balanced and constructed will make a huge difference in the number of bites you
can feel in a day.

A balanced rod makes it easier to work the bait and create less fatigue when fishing long days.

A matched rod to the application will allow the bait to work the way it was designed. Take a crankbait rod
for example too stiff a rod can kill the action of the bait.

A rod with the proper action stiffness will help in setting the hook and most importantly fighting the fish.

I have found a great product in the
Dobyns Rod. A precisely balanced rod that offers a wide variety of
models to fit all your applications. Ask for them at your local tackle shop and feel the difference. Better yet
try one out and see what a precision and balance rod can do for you!

Trolling Motor - Side Imaging
Want the Ultimate Tool in locating and finding fish? Well Team your boat with a
MinnKota Fortrex Trolling Motor and Humminbird Side Imaging and you have the most
advanced tool in helping you catch more fish. Not only will it show you the fish but you can
learn where they hide and find all the fishes hide outs below the water's surface
instantaneously from the bow of your boat. HAving it mounted directly to your trolling
motor gives you the data from your location...while others say you can share a transom
transducer why would data 20' away be useful? It's not. Check out the images to the right
from Humminbird Trolling Motor Mounted Side Imaging. It works and it's the most
awesome tool in locating those hard to find fish.

I Team up my Humminbird MinnKota combination with a custom bracket made by
Transducer Shield and Saver it not only makes mounting easy but it also adds protection
to the transducer. Transducer Shield and Saver not only makes Trolling Motor Brackets
but also custom brackets to attach your Side Imaging Transducer to your jackplate for
troublefree installation and added protection.
Professional Bass Angler
Humminbird Sonar Guru
Higginsville, Missouri
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